FCA By-Laws

Frisco Cricket Association
Adopted April 12, 2017


The Frisco Cricket Association, henceforth call the FCA, shall be governed by a Board of Officers and Directors (hereinafter the “Board”) who will be appointed by the City of Frisco. Officers and Directors are expected to be current dues paying members of the FCA.


New Officers and Directors shall be appointed by the Board.
The Board shall consist of the following:
• Three officers: President, Vice President, Secretary whose general responsibilities are listed in Addendum A.
• Three Directors whose general responsibilities are listed in Addendum B.


FCA Officers will be appointed for a term stipulated by the Board.
If an Officer or Director should resign before his or her term ends or be unable to complete his or her term of office, the President, with concurrence of a majority of the Board, may replace that Officer or Director for the remainder of the un-expired term.


A quorum for the Board shall consist of a minimum of 2 Board members with at least 2 Officer(s) in attendance. Action by the Board must be by a majority of the quorum.

Section Five – COMMITTEES

FCA has no standing committees at this time but can be initiated as needed by approval of the elected officers:

Section Six – MEETINGS

The Annual Meeting of the Board shall be held at specified date, time, and location in Frisco Texas each year as the Board or President may designate with proper notice being sent to all members. Any member in good standing may attend.
There shall be at least one other meetings of the Board each year. Additional meetings of the Board may be called when deemed necessary by the President or any two members of the Board. Notice of such meeting may be provided by e-mail, or with mailed notice, provided such notice is given at least seven days prior to said meeting.

Section Seven – RULES OF ORDER

Roberts Rules of shall govern parliamentary procedure in the FCA meetings.

Section Eight – BYLAWS

The Bylaws shall be adopted for the governance of the FCA by a majority of the Board. A majority vote by the Board is required to amend the Bylaws.



The responsibilities of the FCA officers shall include but not be limited to the following:
• Set overall strategy for the FCA
• Lead efforts to revise Articles of Association, By-Laws, and Addendums as needed President
The President’s responsibilities include:
• Supervising and coordinating FCA activities
• Calling and presiding over regular and special meetings of the Board
• Ensuring the holding of the Annual Meeting as called for by club’s bylaws
• Ensuring the completion of the FCA Annual Report
• Serving, if interested, as a member of any standing or ad hoc committee, with the right to vote
• Appointing, with a majority vote of the Board, standing or ad hoc committees for the FCA and their respective chairpersons
Vice President
The Vice President’s responsibilities include:
• Presiding over the FCA meetings in the absence of the President
• Chairing the Nominating Committee
• Ensuring that the term limits described in the FGA bylaws are adhered to by the Officers and Directors of the Board
• Assuming the duties of the President on an interim basis if the President is unable to complete his/her term
The Secretary’s responsibilities include:
• Giving notice of the FCA Board meetings
• Taking and distributing meeting minutes at Board and special meetings
• Maintaining a permanent record of all FCA proceedings
• Tallying votes from the Board and general membership
• Maintaining and circulating the current Articles of Association, Bylaws and Addendums of the FCA
• Taking attendance at FCA Board meetings



Directors’ responsibilities include:
• Serving as liaisons among the FCA leadership, the membership, and the community at large
• Representing the diverse interests of the general membership
• Assisting the Officers in the administration of the FCA and in volunteer identification and recruitment
• Attending Board meetings on a regular basis
• Attending club events on a regular basis


Article One –
The name of this organization is the Frisco Cricket Association, hereinafter referred to as FCA.
Article Two — PURPOSE
The Frisco Cricket Association is a non-profit membership organization. The club brings players together in support of each other and to promote the objectives of the game of cricket.
Article Three — MEMBERSHIP
• FCA membership is limited to Frisco based organizations having at least 90% of Frisco residents as members.
• The Board will employ whatever means deemed appropriate to authenticate the residence criterion.
• FCA membership may be extended to others with additional payment of dues.
• Membership will be limited to Associate membership only and will be solely at the discretion of the Board.
• Membership is not automatically renewed. The Board reserves the right to allow or disallow membership from one event to another, as well as, from one year to another.

A majority vote by the Board is required to amend the Articles of Association.
Article Five – Administrative Powers
All administrator powers remain within the Board of the FCA.
Article Six – Competitions and Fees
• FCA may organize competitions of various types and duration.
• A separate fee may apply for each competition and will be published when inviting participation in each competition.
• The Board reserves the right to amend the fee as it deems fit.

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