FCA Residency Requirements


In order to comply with the City of Frisco Parks and Recreation Field User Agreement Residency Requirements Frisco Cricket Association (FCA) will adopt and implement the following residency requirements for all seasons. All teams must meet these requirements and no team will be grandfathered in.

Frisco Resident Team Percentages:

• Residency requirements for FCA will be 90% of players per team – Players need to provide documented proof 2 weeks before the start of each season.

Residency Determination

The following criteria will be used to determine residency: All players will need to provide the team captain or coach with the following documents in order to register a player:

• Adult Player Frisco Resident – Proof of Residency (water, gas or electric bill)

• Youth Player who attends a school within FISD boundaries need Proof of Residency (water, gas or electric bill) or youth players in non-FISD schools need to show a Report Card (ex: Legacy Christian Academy)

• Employed by city of Frisco – copy of ID

Game Day Requirements to Participate

Team roster must be available to league on game day and each player must have official identification to play and/or participate in a match. Failure to provide proper player identification will forfeit the player’s right to participate. Chronic failure to provide proper identification for team players may lead to team forfeiture of game and possible removal from FCA membership.

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